We have over 6 years experience working with aesthetics clinics, fully understanding the products and services you sell. Ensuring your digital presence is established and maintained is a must, but it’s something that many business owners struggle with. 90% of the time it’s because of two things, not having the time, or knowledge. The first step is ensuring that you have a website, firstly this builds your web presence and lets your clients/patients see what services you offer, and possible prices. Further building on this, would be having online bookings setup so people can book 24/7, even if it’s just for consultations. If you are planning to run social media ads with us, then a website is key, unless you plan to have a funnel, which we can explain the pros and cons of later on.

What next?

So maybe you already have a website, or maybe we have built your website for you, so what’s next? Next possible routes to look at would be social media management or social media advertising. Social media management is important as this is where most of your client base will be looking for updates to see how your business is getting on. Ensuring your posting regularly keeps Instagram happy as in their eyes you’re ticking boxes to being relevant. It’s then about trying to slowly increase the engagement, and the one everyone likes, getting them followers up! With aesthetics it’s about variation, posting lots of before/afters so everyone can see your results, and mixing that up with reviews, quotes, memes, products, staff pictures and running a competition from time to time. This is all ways to keep your social accounts up to date, and what we find is when we start working with a new business, the reason for working together is due to time, it’s hard trying to run an aesthetics business, you’re always so busy! So let a company like us take care of the management of your social media.

Want new clients? Try advertising!

We already know the answer to this question, of course you want new clients, who doesn’t! Over 1 billion people use Facebook, and were certain using Facebook ads can drive people in your area to your business. We are constantly testing different creatives, interests, audiences, to make sure we find the right ads which will attract new visitors for your business. We have found that based on ads we currently run for our clients, they get around 5-15 new enquiries a month, some get many more but this is the average. The good thing about these new clients is that the services they book in for, they are usually due to come back 2-4 times a year.

If your business is looking for an online presence, new clients, repeat appointments and more, get in touch with us today using the enquiry form below.